Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Japanese Know-How Applied to Dog Wheelchairs

Kyoko, whose story of her Pembroke welsh corgi Cookie is in this blog, gave me links for dog wheelchairs made in Japan.  I found these fascinating and wanted to share the innovations available there.

Not only can the Japanese import most of the same carts we have available here, but they are designing their own.  Here are some notable examples.

This cart is made from aluminum tubing.  Here it is shown with front wheels for a corgi.

Another company offers the above cart, plus several others.

This first is apparently a close copy of an Eddie's Wheels cart.

Another four wheel cart from Animal Ortho Japan:  Note the front swivel wheels.  Also note the colorful carts.  One US maker told me that they began offering colors at the request of Japanese customers!

While my Japanese isn't good enough to tell you whether this next cart is available for corgis, I found it very interesting!  From

Somewhat remniscent of the UK's Dogmobile, which also allows dogs to lie down.

This company's cart has a little spring action.  Click through to see the video on their Facebook page.

The next cart isn't anything too innovative- but check out the colors.

And finally, this one from

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  1. excellent!!! thanks for sharing. i like the one that lifts the dog! i like the one that allows the dog to lay down! i like the ones that do not put pressure on the shoulders like the eddies wheels do!