Friday, February 15, 2013

Rio: 2000-2012

Colleen wrote this story about Rio.

"Rio entered our family in 2000 as a wild, curious, 100% adorable Corgi puppy. At that time Rio had two older siblings with whom he sometimes struggled to get along. From the very start of his life, Rio was a very solitary Corgi. He preferred to spend a lot of his time outdoors sniffing the breeze and enjoying the scenery of his backyard.

"Not to say he didn’t take part in an active lifestyle. He greatly enjoyed anything having to do with a tennis ball and would chase one until he was made to quit.

"Eventually Rio became an only dog until his sister, Ella, arrived. Rio and Ella, both ‘middle aged’ Corgis, spent their leisure time travelling and visiting family, as well as calling Florida their home during the winter. Regular walks on a sandy beach are not typically a cause for Corgi complaint.

"After February of 2012, walks became short strolls and chasing the ball became something that Rio could no longer accomplish. This was when he was diagnosed with DM. At the start of his diagnosis, Rio could walk (short distances) and transport himself around the house and the yard. As time progressed, however, his legs became less mobile until eventually he could not use them at all.

"Rio was given a cart to help with his mobility, but was never very keen on learning how to use it.

 "Rio died in September of 2012, having lived only 7 months with DM. It was decided that his quality of life was more important than any extra months the family would get to spend with him.

"Rio was a gentle, loving Corgi and was very special to all who knew him. Through our grief we realize that the best possible way of coping is to remember Rio in his glory doing what he loved: running at full speed towards a flying tennis ball, swimming in the family pool, and sunbathing himself until the shade of the evening took over. Rio’s shade had become too heavy of a burden upon him, and we’d like to think of him now in the sunshine of his life. Somewhere he is running, jumping and hopefully stealing many scraps off a never-ending Thanksgiving dinner table."

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